YOUNG FRENCH FEMALE ACTIVIST PRESSURED IN JAIL: The young French anti-nuclear activist, Cécile Lecomte, who abseiled from railway overpasses on Thursday together with Robin Wood activists in protest against the CASTOR consignment, has been put under arrest. She is to be kept in police arrest until Monday and has been taken to Braunschweig, about two hours drive south of Gorleben. “The arrest is totally disproportionate,” the BI Umweltschutz protests. « All the young woman is accused of is a public nuisance offence.” The state of her health is worrying. She says herself and is confirmed by her lawyer, Karen Ullmann, that the psychological pressure she’s put under is unbearable. The lawyer has filed a complaint against the arrest at a higher court than the one that ordered it. She says guards have taken away all her writing utensils and told her she belongs in a mental asylum. The BI demands the immediate release of the nuclear opponent. – BI-Pressewagen 05861-986293, Francis Althoff 0170-9394684, Wolfgang Ehmke 0170-5105606, Kerstin Rudek 0160-1592473, Gerhard Harder 0170-4761201.

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