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Mardi 10 Octobre 2006

En dépit d'une trêve annoncée en Septembre sur divers sites IndyMedia dont certains réfusèrent de la publier sans autres formes de procès ni explication, bien que nous maintenions provisoirement cette "trêve".
Toutefois, nous avons pu remarquer que plusieurs autres articles postérieurs à la déclaration de "trêve" de N.I ont été refusés depuis sur divers sites Indy', et comme à l'ordinaire: sans explication :
Textes introuvables "à la Bastille-Donjon", ni en "débattus", ni en" cours de modération", ni dans les articles refusés...
Ci après quelques exemples:
Le salut aux émeutiers de Copenhague, GuentaLabo/Pinobush...
Le texte annonçant la trêve...
Cette attitude constitue une nouvelle provocation obscurantiste de IndyMedia...

En conséquence de quoi d'ores et déjà nous décidons d'apporter notre soutien à toutes les critiques (individuelles ou collectives) susceptibles de permettre de remédier à ces inqualifiables méthodes de IndyMedia déjà abondament dénoncées ici et là, de notre part ou de celles de nombreux autres "contributeurs-trices".

Nous publierons donc sur notre site tous les "commentaires" allant dans ce sens puisqu'IndyMedia fait si souvent l'impasse sur ces textes "recalés" par autant de "modérateurs-trices" qui sont autant de "censeurs-euses".

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Lisez bien et dites moi en quoi l'experience dont il fait etat diffère de la notre

San Francisco (pas San FranciscoBay) et Cyprus Indymedia ne sont pas tombés dans leur giron . Si quel



September Friday 15th 2006 (02h35) :



I wrote the below net-letter, to a covert ’Editor’-supporter of Likud-Israel, in Sydney Australia [after they deleted my article]; and also to one of their ever-ready ’average reader’ commentators - (who jump up to support ANY censorship of Israeli treatment of the Palestinians), who said that ’reader’ Articles or Opinions about Israeli attacks and killings had no place on Sydney Indymedia because they were not ’local’ news and hence were not ’of interest’ to the people of Sydney. The ’spontaneous reader-editor-supporter’ said that the ’International News’ already covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ’sufficiently’.

Yeah.. Well - OK. I guess so. As long as you are an Israeli and not a Palestinian. I don’t know of any large news services owned or managed by decendents of the Palestinian ethnic group. But there are a few, however, founded or owned or managed by descendents of the Jewish ethnic group. But most of them are fair and balanced - right?

Could that be why the ONLY place you can get a Palestinian perspective in the news in the world is on the small independent, alternative Internet news sites? U.S. National Public Radio runs an almost continuous Blitz of Pro-Israeli - Anti-Palestinian theme programs and call in shows; where the ’guests are all Pro-War on Terror and Pro-Israeli. Now I wonder why that goes on, even on National Public Radio??? Wasn’t NPR, SUPPOSED to be the ONE place that we got an EQUAL hearing of ALL views? There must be something going on there that I don’t know about.

Anyhow here is my letter (written under another net-name) to several of the Israel-supporting, pseudo ’editors’: [1]] Here’s my net-letter below:

"Two Issues have been brought up here as objections and criticism of posting anything critical about Israel’s on-going destruction of Palestinian freedom-fighter, suicide-bomber activists.

1. They say it is anti-semitism to do so.

2.They say it shouldn’t be allowed to be published here at all because according to them it has no bearing on the life or interests of Sydney Australia’s people.

Well despite that, there are some hopeful world realizations going on in this decade, however- ... for::

At last! It seems that the old Anti-semite Card has become so bent and dog-eared through over-use by these logically and articularly impaired ’local’ hasbara-Zionists [In trying to use it to swat any truths that they can’t propagandize away] - that the tide of world understanding has shifted to the side of those [the army-less Palestinians ] who have had their land robbed from them by the Nuclear power, and international liar, Israel.

"But what has this to do with Sydney Australia?" (Likud supporting)’exBrit’, disingenuously asks -(while as a diversionary tactic she unsuccessfuly attempts to set herself up as a creditable evaluator of this poster’s literary style. It’s enough to make the chickens cackle! as the Armenian saying goes.) She of course knows the ANSWER is in the following questions:

Well, while the Jews were being slaughtered by the Nazis what had that to do with America, New York or Britain?

While the blacks who were trying Violently to reclaim their South African homeland - as now the Palestinians are trying to reclaim THEIR Palestinian homeland- What did that have to do with people in Australia, Britain or the US?

Did not the American Revolution have something to do with Laffayette and the French who concerned themselves with helping it?

What did my father - a pure Gallego have to do with the Jewish charities that supported Israel, that he contributed to in the 1950s? NOTHING I guess. Should he have kept his money in his pocket?

And the World should have let the Blacks and Boers fight it out without interfering? - and the US and its Media should have simply let the European Jews and the Nazis fight it out by themselves? We wouldn’t have wanted to talk about any of that then if Sydney Indymedia had been the big news service then - because according to the ’exBrit’(Likud land-grab supporter) writing on Sydney IMC none of that directly concerend Sydney Australia: The pro-Israel hypocrisy is remarkable on these threads. As if there are no such Israelis with hardline Zionist intentions any more? "

But it is not just on Australian Indymedia that you will find these covert Pro-Zionist ’editors’ deleting, and ’hiding’ all commentary critical of the actions of Israel. I have found the same thing on Boston Indymedia, on Baltimore Indymedia on Irish Indymedia (a guy/girl styling him/herself ’Daithi’ comes on an deletes all Articles and Comments to articles critical of Israel there). Same thing in LA Indymedia and UK Indymedia. They will allow a Mainstream ’news’ item critical of Israel up on the site because they really can’t stop it without giving themselves away. But mainly the covert-Zionist ’editors’ of Indymedia just want ALL news about the Israeli-Palestinian issue OFF Indymedia. Because obviously there is no way that they can intelligently defend the Israeli brutality-land-stealing ’position’. These ’editors’ know that the Israeli position is Indefensible and that is why they tout Any other news they can find to obscure - this CENTRAL world issue from being discussed.

Indymedia ’editors’ often condescend to ’tolerate’ the agent-provocateur ’commentators’ that post obscene anti-semitic slurs - Because it is good politics for Israel to leave All really anti-semitic stuff up there to show how ’tolerant’ the ’editors’ are, and how dispicable anyone against the attacks made by the Israelis are. But I have seen 10 to 20 articles come up in past years there [before they got their OSCO people&word Blocking software on there] that were very competently written with No racial slurs or crude speech - that were DELETED within hours. When a reader would ask what happened to the article or comment - the ’editor’ would say that it contained ’slurs’ or that there was ’hate-speech’ in it [meaning any factual report of Isreali actions that showed Israel committing crimes - that’s what ’hate-speech’ is.]

Of course we know that Nuclear Power ISRAEL - defended by only a few thousand Apache Helicopter Gunships [paid for by US Taxpayers at $8,000,000 PER DAY, 3Billion per year] is UNDER CONSTANT ATTACK by 40 or 50 Arab suicide bombers in a raggedy old robes and homemade bombs strapped to their bodies. So - Yes, we have to give Israel credit that they are in a tough situation. The poor Israeli bulldozer guy never knows when a Hezbullah horde is going to come charging over the boarder and put sugar in the gas tank of his Caterpillar. The patriotic Israeli Interogator never knows when some Syrian fanatics will storm MOSSAD headquaters and take the excrement soaked bag he keeps over people’s heads to ’interrogate’ them - and put it on his own noble head! Times are tough in Israel, where Hezbullah non-directed rockets might start a barbeque in the back yard of your favorite Palestinian-collaborater shepard. Then what happens to your lamb chops?

Endangered Israel! - what SHALL she do with only a few thousand tanks, some nuclear war heads a few hundred F-16 Jet fighters and a Slaughter Force armed with Uzi s to keep a clutch-hold on the land that she has stolen from those Palestinians in sandals and armed with suicide bomb-belts? I tremble for Israel! with the largest and best technologicaly equipped standing army in the Middle East, such an easy prey to Syria and Iran [the ONLY two countries left in the Middle East actively opposed to Israel]. The 1948 Israeli nation borders are under siege by these Arab nut-cases who want their bulldozed homes and land back. Tough situation for good old Israel.

Israel must of course keep all the lands that she has robbed and squatted on - and most of, all the rest of the land in the West Bank. It’s only fair for Israel to keep 90% of Palestine - so those under-equiped Israelis can defend themselves from those terrible suicide bombing Arabs, living on the other 10%, that they have evicted from their homes. Israeli security must have been improved by evicting those Arabs from their homes: for the world can see how much more peaceful Israel made that area by bulldozing those homes.

The Israelis portray themselves as a 100% ethical and truthful country: inhabited by honest and decent people. The rest of the world however claims that, it is the rosy picture, that the Israelis paint of their ’necessity’ to Torture and to steal land that is Causing Anti-Israeli(Israel says ’anti-semitic’) feeling against them in the world. The Israelis THEMSELVES have caused this Anti-Zionist/Anti-Likud antisemitism through their murderous Land-stealing and expulsion of native Palestinians. They know it. We ALL know it - but like Bush, they throw cliches up - such as,"They hate our freedom" for the less aware portion of the world to believe - if they can convince them.

Yes Israelis: If you are going to steal another people’s land and lie about it, and torture them - well YES! you are going to have people ANTI - you. That is reasonable to understand - is it not?

Even a Jewish son of holocaust survivors like Norman Finkelstein will tell the world that it is the Likud Zionist Jews that are causing the Anti-semitism that now exists in the world.

Your Anti-semite Card has shot it’s bolt boys. Anti-semite Card-waving, is dead. Game over: for Anti-semite-card excusers of Israeli atrocities.

Do the right thing Israel, and give the Palestinians ALL their post 1967 land back and we will be Pro-Israel. Return their land and homes - and so do justice to the Palestinians and we will all be Pro-Israeli. But as long as you hold that land that you have stolen from the Palestinians - most the world will be Anti-Israeli and Anti-Israel-supporters.

Doroteo Arrango

Please comment if you have experienced the same censorship from pro-zionist Indymedia ’editors’.

[1] [by the way - they have ONE ranting/extremist reader that is ’allowed’ on there to write something called "The Zionist Report". This guy is so wildly ranting that he is the best recruiter for Zionism possible.

By : Doroteo Arrango

September Friday 15th 2006